Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit: The Best Affordable Running Shoe?

One of the best running shoes out there.

The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknits were released on the 2nd of April 2015 and they are still one of the best pairs of running shoes out there. These shoes are built for road runners and are perfect for competitions.


  • The shoe top of the shoe is made of a stretchy polyester yarn, which allows your foot to breathe effectively.
  • Flexibility is key for many runners, and these offer exactly what they are looking for.It is also an ultra-light shoe weighing in at just over 200g which is perfect for competitions where you get a barefoot experience.
  • This shoe also has some brilliant colour schemes, with the black and white being my favourite. They are a very nice looking pair of running shoes.


There are not many negatives with this shoes, but i will point out the ones i found.

  • Due to being so light weight the material of the shoe wears away slightly quicker than other running shoes however the material is still strong.
  • They do not offer a great amount of support on the sole, which can cause slight discomfort to the bottom of the foot so my best advice is not to wear them off-road.
  • The Flyknit 4.0 has a reasonable price however it is more expensive than other running shoes so it depends how much you are willing to spend.


In conclusion, after using these shoes for a few months I have to say they are perfect for running on roads but not so good for off-road, so if road running is your style these are perfect for you.



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